Опрос: Men's Wolf Fur Mittens
Men's Wolf Fur Mittens

Men's gloves from wolf fur to order

Wolf fur mittens Really handsome men's mittens made of natural wolf fur. Shaggy, durable, and very cold-resistant. These mittens will warm your hands even in the coldest winter. Wolf mittens are sewed to order in accordance with your individual wishes. This allows you to fit the mittens in size, and also add an originality to the design. We can always reach an agreement on the price of the product by individual order. You can also get wolf mittens as a gift for ordering an individual tour. If you have questions, or if you want to receive a form for a tour order, you can always contact us. We will gladly discuss all the nuances.

This model of woolen mittens on the etsy.com marketplace is no longer for sale.

Placement of wolf fur is prohibited by the rules of the site etsy.com In some countries, the wolf is listed in the Red Book. Therefore, we stopped sales of wolf fur mittens on etsy.com and amazon.com trading platforms.
But this product can be officially ordered in the fur workshop "Alexei Kiselev"

You can see reviews of this product on etsy.com and place an order on our website.

You can see reviews on etst.com 

When you purchase this product with a bonus Tyumen TV on the trading platform etsy.com, you get an additional listing with free shipping.

Find out why you won't leave without buying from our site.


The fur workshop "Alexey Kiselev" cooperates with the famous Russian Travel brand Visit to Tyumen and manufactures limited edition with the logo of this brand.

See brand of the Tyumen

In Russia, hunting for a wolf is officially allowed
You can officially book a tour for hunting a wolf in Russia on the official website of the Tourist brand of the Tyumen region

Only here you can order gloves from a real wolf

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