Special bonus from the site TYUMEN.TV


Special bonus from the site TYUMEN.TV

This is a unique guarantee of the security of your purchase and an effective tool in the field of your marketing and additional income.

Make any purchase, get a bonus, run your advertising on our website and start earning.

From $ 1 per 1000 impressions of your teaser.

Bonus up to 100 percent on advertising on the site TYUMEN.TV in the amount of the purchase.

For example

You made a purchase on Amazon.com
For this product, the promotional bonus is 80 percent of the purchase amount.
The product costs $ 250
You get a bonus for advertising $ 200
You get 200,000 hits on your teaser.

Teaser taring
United States, Canada, United Kingdom.
Additional targeting possible.

To start teaser show
From you:
The photo
Text under the photo
Text on the photo
Link to your resource

Any questions about how the advertising bonus works, you can ask in the site chat or subscribe to the newsletter. 

Why is it beneficial to you?
Together with our products your ad is displayed.

You can see reviews on


You are an official buyer on the Amazon.com trading platform. This guarantees you a safe purchase from a trusted seller.

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