Опрос: What kind of natural fur should there be gloves for riding on a snowmobile?
What kind of natural fur should there be gloves for riding on a snowmobile?

Canada travel trailer and snowmobile rental

Exclusive men's gloves made of genuine Siberian beaver fur with warm fur lining for riding a snowmobile

men's gloves made of natural fur for riding a snowmobile

These mittens are made of Siberian beaver fur. Inside the mittens, the base is made of beaver's sheared fur.
Only on our models of mittens is a real lining with beaver fur.
I make each pair of mittens for a snowmobile from beaver fur according to the size of the customer's order.
In mittens from beaver fur your hands feel very comfortable.
Mittens for snowshoeing, ice fishing or just enjoying the outdoors.
Legendary Snowmobile Gauntlets.
Men's long mittens made from real beaver fur natural color from beavers on the outside.
This model crag for very cold weather
No synthetics, only real fur
This is the author's model of men's handmade gloves for a snowmobile
Suitable for use as ski gloves or for hiking.
This model of fur gloves is a great gift for a passionate wealthy man.
The main difference between the products from natural fur that I created from the products of competitors is your comfort, practicality, originality and your prestige.

A little excursion into the past

For thousands of years, humanity has been using products made of natural fur, and all synthetics have become accessible to people since the mid 20th century.


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