—» » » Shamanchik: souvenir doll of a hero from a children's book for joint reading "A child wants a phone"

Shamanchik: souvenir doll of a hero from a children's book for joint reading "A child wants a phone"

Shamanchik Shamanchik: souvenir doll of a hero from a children's book for joint reading "A child wants a phone"

The history of the creation of the book image Shamanchik Unlike all relatives and guests, Sasha's grandmother decided to give Alexandra a present on her sixth birthday for many years. Sasha's grandmother decided to create for her beloved granddaughter a magic book with fairy-tale images capable of providing magical help to the owner of the book .. Before creating a fairy-tale book for little Alexandra, her grandmother pondered for a long time about the characters of future book characters, trying them on for each of the candidates for a book hero, the modern rhythm of city life and various technical innovations

Find out why this particular artifact in the form of a baby doll with a strange nickname A shaman from the book "A child wants a phone" can be extremely useful for you and your child when forming a positive relationship with your child when he actively uses his cell phone. The shamanchik in the form of a complete image of a child's doll from the book "A Child Wants a Phone", combined with reading it together, allows your child to learn to understand the moral values ​​of the people around him, as well as the correct understanding of the internal attitudes of his parents. binding A small Child at this age cannot always afford to discuss with adults the problems that worries him very much at the moment. As a rule, as a child, he trusts his most intimate secrets to his favorite toys. A child at this age, as a rule, copies the behavior of a favorite image or a car repair person for him While reading the book "The child wants a phone" together with his parents, your child learns from the book hero to find the right solutions in a particular book situation and to transfer the process of discussion with the book hero in real life Cell phone situations are very unusual You will not discuss the problem with someone who has no one to do with your problem psychologically. At the same time, you are ready to reveal your soul who understands you. This toy is a ready-made positive image for your child for many years.

The inscription of the author of the book "The child wants a phone" on the gift box of the product.

As soon as the children's book for joint reading "The child wants a phone" will be of high qualitytranslated into English the book will be put up for sale on the electronic trading platform www.amazon.com.

You, as the first buyer of our book artifacts, will receive an electronic version of the book for freeand a printed copy in the version you need with a 50 percent discount.

Cost: $ 89  

A nice bonus to our readers from the Tyumen TV site

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