—» » » » About the author of the book "A child wants a phone"

About the author of the book "A child wants a phone"

About the author of the book "A child wants a phone"

Author's pseudonym "George Mit"

The author was born on the ninth of February one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six in a huge superpower that does not exist at the present time, called the "Soviet Union"in the capital of western Siberia, the city of Tyumen, where I currently live.

Evaluating his victories and defeats from the height of his past years, he came to the personal conclusion that the future success of a child is laid in early childhood and lies in the correct construction of processes when memorizing information.The memory of a small person is very difficult The child memorizes sounds, information, emotions of movement, and then in the process of life brings these skills to perfection. I would like to share my little secrets with my little readers and their parents. It is my personal conviction that the system of correct memorization of information should be instilled in a child from the cradle, which in the future will make the child more successful in modern society. The peculiarity of human memory is to assimilate and store information for a long time. Remember information correctly each person's values ​​change throughout life Fur artifacts made for my book

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