Womens Gloves Beaver

Womens Gloves Beaver

Many beautiful women like light colors in winter clothes.
Therefore, I have developed a model of winter mittens made of natural beaver fur in light colors.
This model of fur mittens made from natural beaver fur is subject to a special New Year's price.
For those who really love and appreciate their comfort, I created a model with women's mittens, an inner lining of natural beaver, which you can see in my store

I have unique offers for a limited circle of my aesthetes buyers.
In order to get access to unique offers, add the product you like and you will be able to receive my individual offers with new improvements that are not available to a wide range of users.

Promotion: "Buy with continuation"
The children's story told by the buyer of these mittens will be enlightened in a separate chapter in my children's book "A child wants a phone"
For the owner of these mittens, the illustrator Vershina Ekaterina drew an illustration that she is ready to adapt specifically to your story, and you will be one of the first to be able to read this book in English and leave your feedback.

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