Nowadays a huge number of women suffer from such problem as excess weight. Modern methods offer different ways of weight loss but often they are not very effective. A lot of women consent to take different pills and to do hard physical exercises. But often such masures do not conduct to good results.A perfect way to achieve good results is to go to the sanatorium. There are a lot of sanatoria in the Tyumen region where there are different wight loss and anti-cellulite programms which help women to care  about their health.



One of the best sanatoria of the Sverdlovsk region which is specializing  on the  rehabilitation of the patients who have transferred a sharp heart attack of a myocardium is the sanatorium "Rush". This  sanatorium has a wide experience of rehabilitation of patients transferred a heart attack of a myocardium, a heart operation and the main vessels operation. Now here the regenerative treatment is provided not only  for  such patients, but also sick of a stenocardia, myocarditis, cardiopathy and the hypertensive illness.   

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